• English
Our aim is for the development of the "Whole Child" as a future citizen of the world
The Principal of YIK Emi Sugita
April is an exciting time at YIK. We look forward to the start of each new school year
and to seeing our young students, each one different and important
in their own way, walk through our gates.
Secure in the love that has surrounded them since birth, it is here that
they take their first solo steps, at the gates of the YMCA International Kindergarten,
and we are there to welcome them with open arms.
It is our aim to celebrate and nurture the individuality of each child and to provide
an environment from which happy, balanced, future citizens of the world will emerge…
Truly international people whose characters reflect the qualities of respect, caring,
honesty and responsibility;qualities that are carefully woven into
the fabric of our curriculum.
The Principal's of YIK
It is our greatest hope that a YIK child will:embrace cultural diversity, develop
an understanding and respect for all people and be comfortable with those from
other countries, learn the importance of caring for others as they spend their days
working and playing together, develop a well-balanced body and mind and that
our comprehensive curriculum will give them the sensitivity and confidence to
behave with integrity and honesty at all times and to use
their new English abilities in a responsible way.
The Hiroshima YMCA is one of 34 in Japan. Our students are under the caring
wings of YMCA, found in 119 countries throughout the world and 58 million
members strong. We feel that this is a strong base from which our tiny, yet
future world citizens can grow and it is with this in mind that
we welcome you to the YMCA family.
“There is no greater gift that you can give your child at the beginning of life
than the ability to communicate.”- Dr Sally Ward, 2000
“Do not worry, saying, ‘What will we eat ?’ or ‘What will we drink ?’
or ‘What will we wear ?’ Father knows that you need all these things.”