About YMCA

The YMCA movement is recognized as one of the largest international youth & social service organizations in the world. It operates in 120 countries and territories with over 10,000 local associations spread out through cities, towns and villages. By 「Thinking Globally, Acting Locally」 the YMCA offers a wide array of programs and services that reaches approximately 65,000,000 individuals of all ages and from all walks of life throughout the world.

Founding of the YMCA

George Williams

In the 19th century, industrialized London was fraught with vices and filled with turmoil and despair for many young men. George Williams (founder of the YMCA) gathered 11 friends and organized the first YMCA to improve the spiritual condition of young men and endeavor for the mutual improvement of society. On June 6, 1844, the YMCA was formed.

Japan YMCA

Tokyo YMCA was established in 1880. There are presently 35 city YMCAs in Japan that operate 202 program facilities along with 37 training centers and campsites. From the early Meiji era, Japan YMCA was a forerunner in the areas of English education, camping & outdoor education, vocational training, and wellness & sports programming. It went on to make further important contributions in youth programs, social welfare services and physical education.
The National Council of YMCAs of Japan is actively engaged within the international YMCA network and collaborates with YMCAs abroad. It makes efforts to mobilize volunteers and acts to send support when earthquakes, tsunami, or other disasters strike throughout the world. Japan YMCA also collaborates with many volunteers, community organizers, youth, faith organizations, NGOs, and other committed groups to work in the areas of peace education, international understanding, environmental education, and human rights advocacy.
Hiroshima YMCA was established in 1938 and marks its 80th anniversary in 2018. Over the years, the growth and training of a great many youth has been entrusted to the YMCA, and a wide range of programs and services has been developed to respond to the changing needs of society. Hiroshima YMCA welcomes all individuals to participate in its programs and services, and endeavors to promote a peaceful society by nurturing the holistic growth of individuals while strengthening communities both locally and globally.