Introduction of Programs ・ Services ・ Facilities

Vocational Colleges

Hiroshima YMCA Educational Foundation operates vocational colleges in Hiroshima city, Iwakuni city (Yamaguchi prefecture), and Yonago city (Tottori prefecture). Courses of study are offered in the related fields of business, wellness & sports, medical, social welfare, hospitality, etc.

Based on the ideal of "Love and Service manifested in Jesus Christ", Hiroshima YMCA offers college level education in a diversity of vocational fields to develop knowledge, skills and character that will prepare young people to assume significant roles and make worthy contributions to society within the 21st century. Hiroshima YMCA utilizes its extensive network to provide opportunities for students to partake in international exchanges, study and training abroad, and volunteer activities.

Japanese Language Study

YMCAs in Japan have a long tradition of providing quality Japanese language education to foreign students.

Through the ideal of nurturing Spirit, Mind and Body, students who study Japanese at YMCA have many opportunities to achieve high levels of Japanese proficiency, gain a deep appreciation of Japanese culture, and attain personal goals such as entering university or finding employment in an international field. Conversational Japanese lessons are also available for individuals desiring to learn everyday Japanese.

English & Foreign Language Study

Hiroshima YMCA is committed to "provide people who have a thirst for learning with the opportunity to study foreign languages and challenge a new world."

YMCA language schools offer a wide range of courses and classes to meet the diverse needs of learners at all ages. Individuals from all cultural backgrounds are welcome to study at YMCA to acquire communication skills in foreign languages and an appreciation for other cultures. YMCA language schools in Hiroshima city and Higashi Hiroshima city aim to foster a sense of global citizenship.

Wellness & Sports

Maintaining health in Spirit, Mind and Body is essential to living life to its fullest. The YMCA firmly believes in “giving all people opportunities to strive for holistic health”. A wide range of classes and programs are offered to children as young as 6 months old to senior citizens. Participating in YMCA wellness & sports programs enables individuals to realize a healthy life-style, achieve higher fitness levels, and make new acquaintances and friends. Children are also encouraged to develop the YMCA core values of Caring, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility which are essential to building strong character.

Camp & Outdoor

Hiroshima YMCA introduced outdoor education programming and camping in 1954. As an international youth organization, YMCA has a long tradition and much expertise in conducting programs for young people to gain an understanding and appreciation of the outdoor world. It is also the aim for children and youth who participate in YMCA outdoor education programs, camps and outdoor clubs to develop leadership skills, build a sense of independence and confidence, and learn to cooperate and interact effectively within groups.

Nursery School ・ International Kindergarten ・ Childcare

YMCA offers a variety of childcare and educational services including an international kindergarten, nursery schools, school-clubs programs, package school programs, etc. YMCA has special purpose facilities to conduct these programs and its dedicated and well-trained teachers provide each child with quality care and instruction to nurture their precious spirits, minds and bodies.

Preparatory Art School ・ Art Classes

For over half a century, Hiroshima YMCA has been training young people who aspire to enter art colleges and universities with the required fine-art skills to pass the rigid entrance examination. Highly experienced YMCA instructors have trained many students who were able to successfully realize their dreams to study art at colleges or universities and go on to pursue careers as artists. Drawing and art classes are also offered to individuals (children through adult) who have an interest in art as a hobby.

After-School Academic Support

Hiroshima YMCA offers lessons in core subjects to support students (elementary through high school) with their academic studies and prepares them to enter the next level schools they aspire to. Students can opt for one-on-one tutoring or study in small group classes to receive the instruction and support which is most appropriate for their levels and needs. Experienced teachers with specialized knowledge in their fields provide each student with utmost care and encouragement in mentoring them to gain confidence and excel academically.

Welfare Services for the Elderly

Hiroshima YMCA Social Welfare Foundation and Yuai Welfare Foundation offer services and care to elderly people and individuals with special needs while respecting each person’s dignity and hopes. YMCA operates Yuai Special Nursing Home, day service centers, a group home, home nursing services, etc. and provides support and expertise in the field of welfare to local communities. As Japan becomes an aging society, Hiroshima YMCA aims to play an instrumental role in enabling the elderly to live fulfilling and comfortable lives.

International Exchange ・ Volunteer

The YMCA is an international organization that is located in 120 countries and territories throughout the world. Hiroshima YMCA has established partnership affiliations with 15 city YMCAs in other countries and cooperates with many other international YMCAs. Hiroshima YMCA Global Community Center (NGO) conducts international exchange programs, peace education seminars, international service projects, etc. in cooperation with YMCAs around the world. Youth and adults are able to gain precious experiences and develop a sense of global citizenship through their involvement in Global Community Center.

Bridal / Events / Conventions ・ Human Services

Youth Service Foundation which is a special entity within Hiroshima YMCA offers tailored services to individuals, groups, companies, and institutions. Included is planning and coordinating bridal ceremonies or other special events. Youth Service also has a "Life Support Center" that offers an array of living assistance services.

Rental Rooms & Halls

Hiroshima YMCA is conveniently located in central Hiroshima city and has a wide range of meeting rooms, halls and facilities that can be rented to accommodate many different functions. The YMCA’s “International Cultural Hall” is a fully equipped hall that seats 285, has a stage, professional interpreter’s booth, sound & lighting room, etc.