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About Japan YMCA

About Japan YMCA

Japan YMCA

There are presently 35 city YMCAs in Japan that operate 202 program facilities along with 37 training centers and campsites. From the early Meiji era, Japan YMCA was a forerunner in English education, camping & outdoor education, vocational training, and wellness & sports programming. YMCA has made important contributions in youth programs, social welfare services and physical education.

Basketball and volleyball which were invented by the YMCA of the United States were introduced to Japan through the YMCA. YMCAs in Japan also pioneered night-school for English education and vocational training. Over the years, the training and development of many youth has been entrusted to YMCA, and a wide range of programs and services have been introduced to respond to changing needs within society. A strong national YMCA campaign to raise consciousness and support children with special needs has been realized in recent years.

Japan YMCA is actively engaged within the international YMCA network and collaborates closely with YMCAs abroad. YMCA mobilizes volunteers and sends support when earthquakes, tsunami, or other disasters strike throughout the world. Japan YMCA also collaborates with many volunteers, community organizers, youth, faith organizations, NGOs, and other committed groups to work in the areas of peace education, international understanding, environmental education, and human rights advocacy.

Current State of YMCAs in Japan

≪Organizational Profile≫
Chartered YMCAs 35
Foundations and corporations operated by YMCAs in Japan Incorporated Foundations 27
Educational Foundations 14
Social Welfare Service Corporations 10
NPO Foundations 6
Private Organizations 5
Student YMCAs 37
Program Members※1 140,047
Supporting Members (individuals)※2 9,538
Supporting Members (corporations)※3 670
Student YMCA Members 450
≪Volunteers / Staff≫
Staff & Teachers (full-time) 2,570
Policy Lay Leaders※4 1,929
Youth Volunteers※5 7,852
≪Schools & Educational Programs≫
Nursery Schools / Kindergartens / Childcare Centers 90
Children with Special Needs Programs 38
Vocational Colleges 18
Preparatory Schools & Study Programs 21
English and Foreign Language Schools 54
Japanese Language Schools 18
Accredited High Schools 8
Free Schools / Free-space Centers 7
International Schools /
International Kindergartens
City YMCAs / YMCA Branches /
YMCA Centers
Wellness Centers 61
Hotels / Rental Facilities / Youth Hostels 19
Training Centers 12
Campsites 25
Nursing Homes / Group Homes 5
Home Support Service Centers / Day Service Centers / Preventive Support Programs 58

(As of June 1, 2013)

※1 Members registered in year-round outdoor programs, education-related programs, etc.

※2 Individuals who support the mission of YMCA and pay membership fees.

※3 Corporations who support the mission of YMCA and pay membership fees.

※4 Volunteer lay leaders responsible for policy making.

※5 Volunteer youth leaders who work with children in outdoor programs, educational programs, etc.

YMCAs in Japan

YMCA Request

YMCA requests that individuals cultivate the following through their participation in YMCA:

To realize these aims, the 4 core values of Caring Honesty, Responsibility and Respect are integral to 「YMCA Character Development」.

Japan YMCA Mission Statement

Approved by The National Coucil of YMCAs of Japan 106th Standing Committee
June 15, 1996